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MACS Research team

Modeling, analysis and control in computational structural dynamics

  • Leader : Dominique Chapelle
  • Research center(s) : CRI Saclay - Île-de-France
  • Field : Computational Sciences for Biology, Medicine and the Environment
  • Theme : Observation, Modeling, and Control for Life Sciences

Team presentation

The objectives of the MACS project are to address new challenges arising from:
  • the need to develop numerical procedures which are reliable and well-adapted to industrial applications;
  • the emergence of active mechanics (e.g. control and optimisation) enabling the design of thinner and lighter (hence cheaper) structures, for which innovative modeling and discretization approaches are required.
These research directions benefit from a strong scientific environment and background at INRIA in the fields of numerical analysis and scientific computing (with a well-established record in structural mechanics), as well as in automatic control.

We also emphasize that - in the recent years - we have started to investigate some such issues more particularly related to biomechanical modeling.

Research themes

Three interrelated themes of particular scientific interest and applicative perspectives are promoted:
  • Modeling and estimation in biomechanics;
  • Formulation and analysis of effective and reliable shell elements;
  • Stability and control of structures;

International and industrial relations

  • Close collaboration with MIT;
  • Large Initiative Action CardioSense3D launched in 2005 and funded by INRIA. This action focuses on the electro-mechanical modeling of the heart and clinical applications thereof. It involves various academic, clinical and industrial partners.
  • European RTN project SMART in the field of new materials and adaptive systems. This project involves 11 members from 8 European countries.

Keywords: Structural mechanics Dynamics Stability Shells Finite elements Locking Robustness Domain decomposition Biomechanics Data assimilation