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ISA Research team

Models, algorithms and geometry for computer graphics and vision

  • Leader : Sylvain Petitjean
  • Research center(s) : CRI Nancy - Grand Est
  • Field : Cognitive systems
  • Theme : Image synthesis and virtual reality

Team presentation

The fundamental scientific problems addressed by Isa are geometric (differential, algebraic and projective), numeric (domain decomposition method) and algorithmic (complexity, parallelism). These problems are to be found in the classical research fields of computer vision and computer graphics. The main fields of application are architecture and archaeology, earth science (geophysics) and medical science (medical imaging).

Isa is actively developing software in the areas of earth sciences, scientific visualisation, virtual prototyping, augmented reality etc, generally in cooperation with industry. Three start-ups, Earth Decision Sciences (formerly T-Surf), Neoxy and VSP-Technology, have been created by members of the project.

Research themes

  • Modeling by vision: medical imaging, augmented reality.
  • Geometric computations for rendering complex scenes: meshing and parametrisation, robust computations on quadrics, 3D visibility.
  • Simulation and high performance visualisation: realistic rendering, volumetric visualisation, forest growth simulation, geosciences, plasma fusion.

International and industrial relations

  • International relations: european project ARIS, joint team McGill-Isa.
  • Industrial relations: General Electric Medical System, SGI, CEA (Virginie Grangirard), CIRTES (Claude Barlier), SGDL (Jean-François Rotgé).

Keywords: Computer graphics Computer vision Virtual reality Augmented reality Geometry