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INtegrated Optimization with Complex Structure

Team presentation

An optimization problem consists in finding a best solution from a set of feasible solutions. Such a problem can be typically modeled as a mathematical program in which decision variables must (i) satisfy a set of constraints that translate the feasibility of the solution and (ii) optimize some (or several) objective function(s).

 The INOCS team aims to develop new models, algorithmic techniques and implementations for optimization problems with complex structure.

 More precisely, we consider that an optimization problem presents a complex structure when it involves decisions of different types/nature (i.e. strategic, tactical or operational), and/or presenting some hierarchical leader-follower structure (bilevel optimization) and/or taken in a uncertain environment (robust/stochastic optimization).

Research themes

  • Sharply exploit the structure of the problem to define well suited models
  • Develop integrated solution methods relying on mathematical programming (Exact methods or Math-Heuristics)
  • Develop a tool for model structure detection
  • Develop a toolbox:specific optimization methods for problems with complex structure

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Keywords: Optimization Problem Mathematical Programming Robust Optimization Bilevel Programming