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INDES Research team

Secure Diffuse Programming

Team presentation

The goal of the Indes team is to study models for diffuse computing and develop languages for secure diffuse applications. Diffuse applications, of which Web 2.0 applications are a notable example, are the new applications emerging from the convergence of broad network accessibility, rich personal digital environment, and vast sources of information. Strong security guarantees are required for these applications, which intrinsically rely on sharing private information over networks of mutually distrustful nodes connected by unreliable media.

Research themes

  • Programming models for diffuse computing
  • Programming languages and implementations
  • Security of diffuse computing

International and industrial relations

  • Projet ParSec, ANR Sécurité Informatique
  • Projet ParTout, ANR Défis
  • Projet PWD, ANR Défis
  • Projet SmartImmo, DGE (team leader Orange)

Keywords: Programming environment Programming language Compilation Static analysis Types Security by compilation