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IMARA Research team

Informatics, Mathematics and Automation for La Route Automatisée

  • Leader : Fawzi Nashashibi
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Perception, Cognition, Interaction
  • Theme : Robotics

Team presentation

The project team IMARA is a multidisciplinary project at INRIA, aiming at coordinating the efforts of the transfer of research activities that can be applied to the field of "Automated Route". We seek in particular to combine the mathematical tools and techniques to design advanced intelligent robotics systems for autonomous and sustainable mobility. Among the scientific topics covered :

  • image and signal processing (vision, learning and recognition, range images, environment modeling, local and global localization, ...)
  • multisensor data fusion (uncertainy, belief and bayesian inferences, digital filtering, ...)
  • task and trajectory planning
  • Vehicle control-command systems (non-linear control, vehicle kinematics, ...)
  • Teleommunications
  • Modeling
  • Control and optimisation of transport systems

Research themes

The goal of these studies is to improve road transportation in terms of safety, efficiency, comfort and also to minimize nuisances. The technical approach is based on drivers aids, going all the way to full driving automation.

The project-team provides to the different teams cooperating with us, some important means such as a fleet of a dozen of computer driven vehicles, various sensors and advanced computing facilitites including simulation tool.

An experimental system based on fully automated vehicles has been installed on the INRIA grounds at Rocquencourt for demonstration purposes.

International and industrial relations

The IMARA project-team is part ot the consortium "La Route Automatisée" with the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

The project-team (and its partners in Lara) is strongly involved in numerous European projects on advanced drivers assistance systems and traffic management.

The project-team is also deeply involved in the development of the "cybercars", the urban vehicles of the (close) future which have totally automated driving capabilities. A cooperation is underway with the major players in the field such as Frog Navigation Systems (NL), Robosoft (F), Valeo (F), AKKA Technologies (F), Yamaha (J) to develop and test this new generation of vehicles. INRIA is a major test site for these stransportation systems with an operational system in Rocquencourt.

Active colaboration is also under way with several of the best research organisations in the field abroad : University of Berkeley (California), Jiao Tong University (Shanghai), Nanyang Technical University (Singapore), NAIST (Japan), Tongji (China), Galatasatay University (Turkey), ...

Keywords: Intelligent vehicles Automated vehicles Cybercars Perception Environment modeling Localization Vehicle control Multisensor fusion Cooperative driving Real-time software