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I3D Research team

3 dimensional interaction

  • Leader : Sabine Coquillart
  • Research center(s) : CRI Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
  • Field : Perception, Cognition, Interaction
  • Theme : Interaction and Visualization

Team presentation

The objective of the research in the i3D team is to contribute to making interaction in virtual worlds at least as simple and intuitive as in the real world. These works are based on the Workbench, a system that was choosen for it's potentiality in terms of interaction and its adequation to the main approaches cited above.

Research themes

The research in the I3D team is organized in 3 themes :
  • The study of interaction metaphors and paradigms. Tasks as simple as moving around in a virtual scene or grabing and repositionning an object are still difficult to complete in a virtual world. The objective of this theme is to study new interaction metaphors and paradigms.
  • The study of haptic feedback. There are several ways to give a haptic feedback: active haptic feedback (requiring the use of a haptic feedback device), pseudo-haptic feedback, passive haptic feedback (makes use of a prop), and sensory substitution. The objective of this theme is to study these different techniques in order to have a better characterization of haptic feedback according to the completed task.
  • Human factors study : Complementary to the two previous themes, the research team aims to carry out experiments each time it is possible. These experiments are either carried out to provide a basis for research in the team: such as psychophysics experiments on human perception or evaluation of existing techniques and peripherals, or to evaluate approaches that are developed in the team.

International and industrial relations

  • Collaboration with EADS (Aerospatiale) and the LRP on a study of integration of novel virtual reality interfaces (including haptic interfaces) in virtual prototyping in aeronautic applications.
  • Collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency) and EADS (Matra) on the design of an immersive visualisation system of the earth system.
  • Collaboration with Technion (Israel) in the frame of the AFIRST "Usine du Futur" program.
  • Collaboration with the Sato-Koike group from the Institute of Technology of Tokyo on porting the SPIDAR system on the Workbench.
  • Participation in the VTHD project, a platform for the experimentation of Very High Bandwidth networks.
  • Participation in the PERF-RV project, "PlatE foRme Francaise de Réalité Virtuelle'', on the design department of the future.
  • Participation in the RNTL Immersive Inventor project on a portable visualisation system for immersive systems.