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HYBRID Research team

3D interaction with virtual environments using body and mind

Team presentation

The research activity of Hybrid team belongs to the field of Virtual Reality and 3D interaction with Virtual Environments. Our objective is to invent novel 3D interactive techniques with virtual environments exploiting both the body and brain of the user. We focus on novel user inputs in virtual reality such as coming from full-body tracking or brain-computer interfaces. Applications of our research program are for industry (virtual prototyping), medicine (surgical simulation, rehabilitation and reeducation), design (architectural mock-up), art or videogames and entertainment. Hybrid was created in January 2013.

Research themes

We follow three main axes of research: • Body-based interaction in virtual reality : physical simulation of complex interactive phenomena, haptic and pseudo-haptic feedback • Brain-based interaction in virtual reality : brain-computer interfaces, “mind-based” control of virtual environments • Towards hybrid and collaborative 3D interaction : collaborative virtual environments, hybrid interaction schemes based on body and brain inputs.

International and industrial relations

Hybrid collaborates with industrial partners such as large companies (Renault, Technicolor, Orange) or SMEs (Polymorph, Haption, Mensia). Hybrid also collaborates with academic partners in France or abroad (Tokyo University, McGill University, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, INSERM, CEA-List).

Keywords: Virtual Reality 3D Interaction Haptic Interfaces Brain-Computer Interfaces Physical Simulation Collaborative Systems