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GYROWEB Research team

Dynamic graphs and the web graph

  • Leader : Laurent Viennot
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Communicating systems
  • Theme : Networks and telecoms

Team presentation

GYROWEB is a team working on dynamic graphs with a focus on the web graph. Graphs allow to model the structure of many complex systems. We are especially interested in giant graphs which evolve with time. For example, the web graph is defined by the hypertext links between web pages and models the structure of the web. When such a system evolves with time, the underlying graph evolves, this is what we call a dynamic graph. Finding tools for analyzing, modeling and drawing the evolution of a graph is our leitmotiv. Other domains of interest cover peer to peer networks and small worlds.

Research themes

  • Map the web.
  • Give tools for studying dynamic graphs.
  • Study the physical graph of Internet, small world graphs and peer to peer networks.

Keywords: Graph Evolving Web Peer to peer Small world