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GAMMA3 Research team

Automatic mesh generation and advanced methods

Team presentation

Numerical models are used by small, medium and large companies to design and test the performance of their products. A model is a set of computer simulations using selected discrete models to physically represent the phenomenon under study. A simulation requires mesh generation to represent the object studied and its environment. GAMMA 3 aims to explore and develop automatic mesh generation algorithms useful for computational methods such as finite element computations. The aim is also to develop a relevant adaptive numerical loop to obtain an accurate solution.

Research themes

To this end, the topics under research are: Generic mesh generation algorithms; Large size meshes and related computer science; Geometrical modelization; Adaptative schemes of computation and applications.

International and industrial relations

Academic relations with Pierre & Marie Curie University, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne and Ottawa University. Industrial relations with Dassault Aviation, Distene, Snecma, Lectra and Lemma, Andra, Cea. Clusters and institutional contracts: System@tic, Environmentally Friendly High Speed Aircraft.

Keywords: Triangulation Mesh generation for numerical simulation Anisotropic mesh generation Error estimation and adaptation Adaptive computational techniques.