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GAMMA Research team

Automatic mesh generation and adaptation methods

  • Leader : Paul louis George
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation
  • Theme : Numerical schemes and simulations

Research themes

The aim of the GAMMA project-team is to analyze and develop fully automatic mesh generation algorithms suitable, in finite element computations, for designing an adaptive numerical loop in order to obtain an accurate solution. To this end, numerous research topics are defined regarding :
  • Mesh generation algorithms:
    • Delaunay method, advancing-front method, others approaches (hexahedral mesh generation);
    • volumetric mesh, surface mesh, planar mesh;
    • governed mesh (euclidean or riemannian).
  • Error estimates: a posteriori estimate (Hessian based or other methods).
  • Parallel computing: automatic a posteriori or a priori partitioning.
  • Data structures: CAD link, geometric domain definition, mesh data structures.
  • Computational features:
    • graphic interface;
    • software;
    • post-treatment

International and industrial relations

  • Academic relationships with Princeton, University of Houston, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, Universités Paris 6 and Paris XI (Orsay), ENST, etc.
  • Industrial relationships with Simulog, EDF, etc.
  • European contract Magic-Feat (EEC).

Keywords: Triangulation Mesh Delaunay Adaptation Error estimates Finite elements Parallel computing Post-treatment