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ESTIME Research team

Parameter estimation and modeling in heterogeneous media

  • Leader : Jérôme Jaffré
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Computational Sciences for Biology, Medicine and the Environment
  • Theme : Observation and Modeling for Environmental Sciences

Team presentation

Modelling heterogeneous media requires the development of specific methods.

A first example of such a medium is the subsurface. On one hand, we construct images of its structure through seismic inversion. On the other hand, we build numerical models of various flow in porous media: contaminant transport for environment studies, or oil displacement in petroleum engineering.

The core of a nuclear plant is another example of a heterogeneous medium. In this case we study its neutron properties.

All these problems are governed by complex physics phenomena and appropriate techniques must be used to model them numerically and to optimize them. The aim of the Estime project is to design such techniques that are efficient and accurate.

Research themes

  • Applications:
    • Land-based and sea-based seismic imaging.
    • Flow in porous media: groundwater modelling, contaminant transport in the subsurface, oil displacement.
    • Neutronics.
  • Mathematical techniques:
    • Inverse problems.
    • Multiscale.
    • Finite volume and mixed-finite element methods.
    • Domain decomposition and model coupling

International and industrial relations

  • Institut Français du Pétrole, Ifremer, Institut de Protection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, CEA-Serma, Essilor.
  • Institut de Mécanique des Fluides (University of Strasbourg), participation to PNRH (National Program for Research in Hydrogeology).
  • NFS-Inria collaboration with University of Colorado at Boulder, collaboration within the French-Russian Liapunov Institute, and Ifare (French-German Institute for Research in Environnement).
  • École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunisie, IIMAS-UNAM (Mexico), Texas A&M, Université of Graz (Austria), Institute of Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk).

Keywords: Seismic inversion Flow in porous media Groundwater modelling Contaminant transport Inverse problems Least-square optimization Multiscale optimization Finite volumes Mixed finite elements Diffusion-c