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DATASPHERE Research team

Economie des données et des plateformes

Team presentation

The Datasphere team considers data from two points of views. First, the impact on society of systems making massive use of data. Second, the way data collections can be used to study social phenomena. More precisely, the team focuses on:

Data as transformative tools:

- Global  platforms transform  two-sided markets, desintermediating local actors, resulting in strong socio-economic disruptions, political tensions, regulatory efforts, cyberdefense strategies,  geopolitical imbalances, etc.

- Global platforms also trigger the emergence of new organizational paradigms, with powerful retroaction mechanisms, that include huge concentrations, personalization of services, massive automation, horizontal trust,  etc.

- Platforms also generate new market models, allowing a more frugal use of resources, including sharing mechanisms, an issue strongly related to the anthropocene, and the emergence of new models of social organization.

Data as  analytic tools:

- Definition of measures and metrics for data exchange on the Internet at a global scale.

- Analytics of data (such as DNS) to identify tracking activity.