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CONTRAINTES Research team

Constraint programming

  • Leader : François Fages
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture
  • Theme : Architecture, Languages and Compilation

Team presentation

The "Contraintes" group investigates the theoretical foundations, design, implementation and applications of rule-based modeling languages and constraint solving techniques in two main domains: combinatorial optimization and computational systems biology. More generally in the later domain, Contraintes develops formal methods for systems biology and investigates the tight integration of in silico and in vivo approaches in systems and synthetic biology.

Research themes

  • Rule-based languages,
  • Constraint solving algorithms,
  • Combinatorial optimization,
  • Formal methods for systems and synthetic biology,
  • Integration of in silico and in vivo approaches.


International and industrial relations

  • Associate team with Ron Weiss's Lab, MIT, USA
  • ANR Avenir Iceberg (coordinator)
  • ANR Blanc Net-WMS-2 (coordinator)
  • ANR Blanc Syne2arti (coordinator)
  • OSEO BioIntelligence (Dassault-Systèmes coordinator)
  • EraNet SysBio C5SYS (F. Lévi, INSERM Villejuif, and D. Rand, U. Warwick UK, coordinators)
  • Initiative action INRIA-INSERM COLAGE
  • Initiative action INRIA-INRA REGATE

Keywords: Rule-based Languages Formal Methods Computational Biology Combinatorial Optimization Logic Constraints Hybrid Systems Systems Biology Synthetic Biology