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COMMEDIA Research team

Computational mathematics for bio-medical applications

Team presentation

The research activity of COMMEDIA focuses on the numerical simulation of bio-fluid flows in the human body, more specifically, blood flows in the cardiovascular system and air flows in the respiratory system. These simulations are intended to complement available clinical data with the following purpose: help clinicians or bio-engineers to enhance the understanding of physiological phenomena, to improve diagnosis and therapy planning or to optimize medical devices. The main objectives of COMMEDIA are the following:

  • the development of appropriate mathematical models and efficient numerical methods for the simulations and for the interaction of simulations with measured data;
  • the mathematical analysis of these models and numerical techniques;
  • the development and validation of scientific computing software which implements these numerical techniques.

COMMEDIA is a common-project team linked to the following research institutions: Inria Paris, CNRS/INSMI and Sorbonne Université (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, UMR 7598).

Research themes

The research activity of COMMEDIA is structured around two main applicative axes and one methodological core:

  1. Multi-physics modeling and simulation
    • Cardiac and vascular hemodynamics  
    • Respiratory flows 
  2. Simulation with data interaction
    • Flow reconstruction from medical imaging  
    • Inverse problem of electro-cardiography  
    • Safety pharmacology 
  3. Methodological core 
    • Mathematical analysis of PDEs  
    • Numerical methods for multi-physics problems  
    • Statistical learning and mathematical modeling interaction  
    • Tensor approximation and HPC 

International and industrial relations

Current grants:

  • ANR project ADAPT (Adaptive Dynamical Approximations via Parallel Tensor methods)
  • ANR project IFSMACS (Fluid-Structure Interaction: Modeling, Analysis, Control & Simulation)
  • H2020-MSCA-ITN project INSPIRE (INnovation in Safety Pharmacology for Integrated cardiovascular safety assessment to REduce adverse events and late stage drug attrition)

Keywords: Analysis of PDEs Numerical analysis Scientific computing Simulation with data interaction Multi-physics Blood flows Respiratory flows.