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CODES Research team

Coding and cryptography

  • Leader : Nicolas Sendrier
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Symbolic systems
  • Theme : Algebraic and geometric structures, algorithms

Team presentation

The research work of the team project CODES is mostly devoted to the design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms through the study of the discrete structures that they involve.

Excellence : symmetric cryptography, discrete mathematics, algorithmics.

Expertise domain : our multiple competences in mathematics and algorithmics (finite fields, combinatorics, information theory) enable us to address a large variety of problems related to information protection. Most of our work mix fundamental aspects (study of mathematical objects) and practical aspects (cryptanalysis, design of algorithms, implementations).

Application domain : our application domains are mainly cryptography, error correcting codes and code recognition (``electronic war''). Even though these domains may appear different, our approach is unified. For instance, decoding techniques are used to design new error correcting codes, but also new cryptanalysis. Code recognition (that is recognizing an unknown coding scheme from a sample), is very similar to stream cipher cryptanalysis.

Research themes

Security analysis of symmetric algorithms: block ciphers (AES), stream ciphers ECRYPT.

Coding and cryptography: RSA alternatives, ciphers which resist the quantum computer.

Decoding algorithms and applications: block turbo-codes, algorithms with error correction power.

Code recognition : electronic war.

International and industrial relations

Keywords: Error-correcting codes Cryptography Finite fields Discrete algorithmic