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CIDRE Research team

Confidentialité, Intégrité, Disponibilité et Répartition

Team presentation

For many aspects of our everyday life, we heavily rely on information systems, many of which are based on massively networked devices that support a population of interacting and cooperating entities. While these information systems become increasingly open and complex, accidental and intentional failures get considerably more frequent and severe.

Attacks against these systems are high level (network intrusion,sensitive data compromission). However these attacks are often carried out at a very low level (exploitation of vulnerabilities, hardware attacks).  
The CIDRE team strives to have a global expertise in information systems: from hardware to distributed architectures.  They are interested in highlighting security issues and proposing preventive or reactive countermeasures in widely used systems.

Cidre members produce security solutions for malware analysis and attacks on hardware systems, some of which are hosted by the High Security Laboratory (LHS) in Rennes.

Research themes

  • Attack comprehension
  • Attack detection
  • Attack resistance

Keywords: Security - Hardware - Software - Distributed Systems - Attacks - Intrusion Detection - Malicious Code - Privacy