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CAMUS Research team

Activity reports

Overall Objectives

The CAMUS team is focusing on developing, adapting and extending automatic parallelizing and optimizing techniques, as well as proof and certification methods, for the efficient use of current and future multicore processors.

The team's research activities are organized into five main issues that are closely related to reach the following objectives: performance, correctness and productivity. These issues are: static parallelization and optimization of programs (where all statically detected parallelisms are expressed as well as all “hypothetical” parallelisms which would be eventually taken advantage of at runtime), profiling and execution behavior modeling (where expressive representation models of the program execution behavior will be used as engines for dynamic parallelizing processes), dynamic parallelization and optimization of programs (such transformation processes running inside a virtual machine), and finally program transformations proof (where the correctness of many static and dynamic program transformations has to be ensured).