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ARLES Research team

Software architectures and distributed systems

  • Leader : Valerie Issarny
  • Research center(s) : CRI de Paris
  • Field : Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing
  • Theme : Distributed Systems and Services

Team presentation

With digital equipment becoming increasingly networked, either on wired or wireless networks, for personal and professional use alike, distributed software systems have become a crucial element in information and communications technologies. The study of these systems forms the core of ARLES’ work, which is specifically concerned with defining new system software architectures based on the use of emerging networking technologies. In this context, we concentrate on the study of distributed systems which bring to life the vision of ubiquitous computing systems, also known as ambient intelligence.

Research themes

    ARLES research focuses more specifically on two interrelated areas:
  • Defining languages, methods and tools for developing distributed software systems, through the dynamic composition of digital resources deployed within a network. This involves defining abstractions for resources to enable their discovery, access, composition and interoperability while ensuring quality aspects, such as availability, reliability and security, together with adaptation to context and respect for privacy.
  • Defining new middleware infrastructures for implementing ubiquitous computing in hybrid networks in particular combining sensors, ad hoc wireless networks and infrastructure-based ones. Thus, it is essential to study solutions for managing heterogeneous distributed systems, which integrate the limited capabilities of some of their resources, as well as possible connectivity through different radio links. Our work therefore focuses on the study of algorithms and distributed protocols for sharing and coordinating digital resources in multi-radio, multi-network and multi-protocol environments.

International and industrial relations

  • FP7 ICT FET IP CONNECT (coordinateur) - Emergent Connectors for Eternal Software Intensive Networked Systems
  • FP7 ICT IP CHOReOS (responsable scientifique) - Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet
  • FP7 ICT NoE NESSoS - Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software Services and Systems [Starts 10/10]
  • FP7 ICT CA EternalS - Trustworthy Eternal Systems via Evolving Software, Data and Knowledge
  • ANR ARPEGE ITEmIS - IT and Embedded Integrated Systems
  • ForeverSOA associated team with University of Ioannina - A rigorous approach to the evolution of service-oriented software.

Keywords: Ambient intelligence Case Dependability Middleware Mobility Quality of service Software architecture System composition