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APACHE Research team

Parallel algorithms and load sharing

  • Leader : Brigitte Plateau
  • Research center(s) : CRI Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
  • Field : Numerical systems
  • Theme : Grids and high-performance computing

Team presentation

APACHE is a parallel processing research project, hosted in the ID (Informatics and Distribution) laboratory of the Grenoble Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (IMAG), France. It is sponsored by CNRS, INPG, INRIA and UJF.

This project investigates a new approach to program parallel machines for compute-intensive applications. Our goal is to find a good trade-off between performance and portability, so that programs with various profiles can be executed efficiently on parallel machines with different resources and facilities.

The programming environment Athapascan is an answer to these issues: efficiency and portability. A multithreaded communication runtime system, Athapascan-0, has been designed and has proven to be adequate and efficient. A programming library prototype, Athapascan-1, is available. It is based on a multi-tasking programming model with data consistency and grants an automatic load balancing. Test applications are being developped on Athapascan: molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, computer algebra, domain decomposition and discrete event simulation. Finally, a tracing tool allows debbuging, performance evaluation and visualization of Athapascan and its applications.

Research themes

Research themes

Research themes

  • Parallel algorithms and complexity.
  • Parallel Applications.
  • Programming models and runtime environments.
  • Observation of parallel programs, debugging and performance evaluation.

Keywords: Parallel algorithms and complexity Parallel applications Computer algebra Debugging Programming environment Performance evaluation Runtime kernel Scheduling Obervation and measurement Load sharing