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AMAZONES Research team

Ambient Middleware Architectures: Service-Oriented, Networked, Efficient and Secured

  • Leader : Stephane Frenot
  • Research center(s) : CRI Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
  • Field : Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing
  • Theme : Distributed Systems and Services

Team presentation

Ambient applications suppose that computing processes and services are available at any time, anywhere. They exploit surrounding context and provide user-friendly applications. Services in ambient environment are running in very heterogeneous environment, in terms of hardware platforms, operating systems and communicating patterns. They need to inherit properties from the embedded world but achieve best-effort behaviours as large scale distributed applications. Designing such applications is still an issue, and most of the time, pure ad-hoc approaches are used. One challenge of designing services for ambient environments comes from the convergence of these two visions of services design: generic services dynamically adaptable (Dynamic SOA design) and embeddable services for platforms with scarce resources and dependability constraints (design through formal approaches). Therefore, the need for middleware platform simplifying application design and integration becomes obvious. The middleware acts as glue between and within the hardware layers and the service layers.

AMAZONES objective is to model and design middleware architectures as a convergence layer between embedded approaches and dynamic services. More precisely, we focus our activity on two frontiers. The south-bound which deals with a smart coupling between operating systems and hardware devices and the north-bound which aims at designing better framework support for ambient world. Finally, we think that efforts have to be made on the ground of this middleware layer by coupling south-bound issues and north-bound issues.

Research themes

    Dynamic middleware design AMAZONES targets dynamic ambient environments which have both a component and a service oriented approach. Dynamic aspects of those systems are fundamental for ambient environments. One need to add, delete, substitute or simulate any needed services. AMAZONES designs and extends service oriented architectures such as OSGi or SpringDM to efficiently integrate dynamic aspects. Those dynamic ambient aspects range from energy preservation, application behavior compatibilities, fault tolerant systems...
  • Behavioral ambient property description language design Bridging together south-bound and north-bound issues is addressed through the design of a programming language (or annotation language) that is able to capture dynamic ambient systems properties. Many properties are focused such as energy awareness, behavior compatibility
  • Observations and Traces management Observation is the introspection mechanism that enables the middleware to observe and trace the running applications. In ambient environment we need to find ways to automate analysis tools in order to synthesize gathered information, to collect only significant information and finally to be able to re-inject this information within the core of the running application.

International and industrial relations

International contacts
  • IBBT, university of ghent
  • FZI, university of Karlsruhe
Industrial contacts
  • Orange Labs
  • Bull SA
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • CEA

Keywords: Middleware Services-oriented Architectures Security Formal systems Languages