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ACACIA Research team

Knowledge acquisition for aided design through agent interaction

  • Leader : Rose Dieng
  • Research center(s) : CRI Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée
  • Field : Symbolic systems
  • Theme : Management and processing of language and data

Team presentation

This multidisciplinary project-team aims at offering methodological and software support (i.e. models, methods and tools) for knowledge management (i.e., for building, managing and distributing a corporate memory).

Research themes

  • Support for Corporate Memory Construction:
    • Management of Multi-expertise : Knowledge Acquisition and Management from Multiple Experts ; Management of Multiple Knowledge Models, Ontologies or Viewpoints.
    • Exploitation and Management of Links between Formalized Knowledge and Documents : Knowledge Management from Texts ; Management of Links between Knowledge Models (or Ontologies) and Documents.
    • Project Memory and Technical Memory in Concurrent Design.
  • Support for Corporate Memory Distribution and Use:
    • Knowledge Servers on the Web or in an Intranet : Tools for Interrogation and Browsing in Expertise Models and in Documents (WebCOKACE); Support to "Intelligent" Information-Retrieval in an heterogeneous, distributed corporate memory, guided by exploitation of knowledge models or ontologies.

International and industrial relations

  • Collaboration with Aérospatiale (aéronautics), Cnet (network design), Dassault-Aviation (aeronautics), Dassault Electronics, DCN, Inrets (traffic accident analysis) and Renault (automobile industry).
  • Participation in the Esprit Working Group ModelAge.
  • Collaboration and contacts with laboratories in Europe (Amsterdam Univ., Genoa Univ., Open Univ, Free Univ. of Amsterdam and Brussel), America (USC/ISI, Stanford) and Australia (CSIRO, Griffith University).

Keywords: Artificial intelligence Cognitive science Knowledge-based system Knowledge acquisition Expertise capitalization Explanation Assistance to the user Co-operation Distributed artificial intelligence Mult