Time, Events and Architectures
Time, Events and Architectures

An embedded architecture is an artifact of heterogeneous constituents and at the crossing of several design viewpoints: software, embedded in hardware, interfaced with the physical world. Time takes different forms when observed from each of these viewpoints: continuous or discrete, event-based or time-triggered. Unfortunately, modeling and programming formalisms that represent software, hardware and physics significantly alter this perception of time. Moreover, time reasoning in system design is usually isolated to a specific design problem: simulation, profiling, performance, scheduling, parallelization, simulation. The aim of project-team TEA is to define conceptually unifying frameworks for reasoning on the composition and integration of cyber-physical systems. Tea aims at putting such reasoning to practice by revisiting analysis, verification and synthesis issues in real-time system design with soundness and compositionality gained from formalization.



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Inria Centre at Rennes University


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Armelle Mozziconacci

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