Taking advantage of international partnerships

Publish on 14/11/2019

Inria has funded Associate Teams to enhance collaboration between Inria project teams and top-level research teams from around the world.

Associate Teams are a vital component of the institute's scientific and international policy. This programme is therefore one of Inria's key tools to support bilateral scientific collaboration and promote and strengthen strategic partnerships abroad.

Associate Teams support the research team strategy in connection with strategic partnerships whose projects are most often formalised by Associate Teams. The programme aims to consolidate the scientific potential of the teams by developing partnerships between Inria project teams and research teams from around the world. It provides funding for research exchanges in order to carry out a joint research programme.

This national program provides visibility and may make teams eligible for other funding in certain countries or regions.   

In order to support such collaboration, every year Inria launches a call for proposals setting out the institute's international strategy priorities.

An Associated Team is created for a duration of three years and its activity is reviewed on a yearly basis. A short progress report must be submitted every year, outlining the progress of the work programme.