Startups resulting from the project teams of the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre

Changed on 15/02/2021

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Cryptosense is a spin-off of Inria, from which the founder and CEO, Graham Steel, was born. The company has developed the Tookan software, a testing tool for cryptographic systems. The software simulates the actions of an attacker seeking to penetrate such a cryptographic system, but with a revolutionary approach that allows the identification of potential attacks with an efficiency never before achieved.


The Monolix project is led by Jérôle Kalifa (President) and Marc Lavielle (Popix team). This start-up is developing new algorithms and protocols to improve the performance and processing time of pharmacological studies for the development of new drugs.


Co-founded by Fabrice Le Fessant, this start-up offers a professional development environment for the OCaml user community, as well as associated support services for the verification of generated code.


Therapanacea is developing new-generation software that includes artificial intelligence bricks to assist medical teams in the diagnosis of cancer radiotherapy treatments. The company's mission is to revolutionize the fight against cancer by increasing the precision of existing techniques for better patient survival and safety.


Therapixel is an Inria-based start-up that won the 2013 "Creation-Development" prize in the national competition for innovative technology start-ups. The company has developed an autonomous, contactless navigation system for medical imaging: a revolutionary device eagerly awaited by surgeons who cannot afford the slightest contact in the operating room with non-aseptic equipment. In June 2017, Therapixel won the "Digital Mammography Challenge". The project is part of a worldwide competition that reinforces its potential in the reading of medical images via artificial intelligence.