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Changed on 13/11/2020

Security and Software

L'équipe de Malizen (de gauche à droite) : Simon Boche, Flavien Auffret, Romain Brisse, Damien Crémilleux et Christopher Humphries


Malizen designs a solution for visualizing intrusions into computer systems. Called ZeroKit, this innovative tool will allow security experts to work more intuitively and react more quickly in the event of a cyber attack.

Scène d'un épisode de Game of Thrones, des personnages encerclent un rocher sur la glace


Do you see the battle on the frozen lake in Season 7 of Game of Thrones? The crowd simulation plugin Golaem Crowd allows special effects virtuosos to populate stadiums, cities, armies. The software has been adopted by the best animation and special effects studios.

Artificial intelligence

représentation d'un maillet de juge

Case Law Analytics

Artificial intelligence developed by Case Law Analytics reduces the uncertainty of litigation indemnities. By exploring the judgments in the different jurisdictions of France, the AI ​​will observe the reality on the ground and model the decision.

Protection of rights

Un photographe qui prend en photo un monument


Imatag leverages several innovative technologies that enable photographers and press publishers to protect their copyrighted material in a unique way.

Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio

Inria's digital deeptech entrepreneurship support program.