Scientific recruitment campaigns and competitive selections are suspended

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Changed on 20/03/2020
Recruiting scientists is a major act of the institute and an investment for the future. The exceptional situation we are experiencing does not allow us to guarantee good conditions for both the candidates and all the members of the mobilized juries.
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As a result of the government measures taken in response to the Coronavirus health crisis, Inria has decided to suspend all current scientific recruitments.

This measure, which takes effect today on 20 March 2020, concerns the competitive selections for Researchers "normal" class (CRCN), Senior researchers 2nd class (DR2) and the Inria Starting Faculty Position, as well as the Advanced Research Position and Starting Research Position campaigns.

Candidates have been informed individually as well as the members of the juries. The coming weeks will allow us to specify what will happen next, under conditions that are both renewed by the crisis we are experiencing and more serene for all.

You will be informed of the effective resumption of this campaign as soon as the situation allows.