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Technological development assisting research

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At Inria, technological development is intrinsically linked to scientific research and it thus forms the basis of a specific effort within the institute. The technological development department,  in coordination with the scientific departments, transforms the milestones of the strategic plan into national objectives, and coordinates the technological activities and projects.

The experimentation and development services, a network of resources and expertise

Inria thus has access to a whole network of development and experimentation services  (SED) set up in the eight centres, as close as possible to the research teams. These engineers accompany the research, provide expertise in terms of software development and experimental platform design.

Organised in a network, they communicate good practices  in software development and favour the use of community tools  within the project-teams. They define, set up, develop and maintain experimental platforms in close collaboration with the project-teams. They perform scientific and technological monitoring, enabling the adaptation and continuous improvement of the means made available to researchers. They are keen advocates of technological development actions (ADT).

Technological development actions

Technological development actions (ADT) are cross-departmental, collaborative projects enabling researchers to propose ambitious programmes for development, integrative actions or sustainability of software prototypes. Fifteen or so actions of this type are selected each year. They benefit from human and technical resources and, in particular, experts dedicated to the specification, design and creation aspects, applying strict quality and traceability requirements.

Keywords: Software Technological development