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The Inria project teams, an agile and open model

Réunion de travail © INRIA / Photo Kaksonen

Human scale, independence, versatility, multiculturalism… these are just some of the qualities that characterise Inria’s 184 or so project teams today !

Replacing the human being at the centre of the laboratories and projects they give rise to, means promoting the values of exchange, listening and collective intelligence, which are vital to the successful conduct of projects of excellence.  Through the flexible model of the project team, Inria promotes innovative research as from the start and guarantees close support to all its researchers.

A unique model…

The project team, an innovative model introduced by Inria at its creation, is the basic unit of the institution’s research.  Made up of some twenty persons with a leader, it combines the talents necessary to the conduct of a predefined research project.  Doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and engineers from various backgrounds thus work together, driven by the power of listening and knowledge sharing specific to the institution, on a common project, assessed every 4 years!
With teams at the cutting edge of innovation in several areas, Inria is very well known and recognised across the world!
Claudia Ignat, researcher at Inria Nancy

… for unique projects!

Each project falls within one of the areas which fit it with the main priority lines of research defined by the institution: high performance calculation (HPC), modelling and simulation, data security, big data, connected objects… the possibilities are endless! For the successful conduct of its projects, each project team is given facilities conducive to both individual development and inter-personal exchanges.

Planning your career with an international outlook

Inria also encourages the emergence of collaborative actions, among peers from different centres or abroad, as well as the mobility of talents and skills, through several programmes.  Thanks to an open and flexible model where the concept of team comes fully into play, Inria can effectively address the multi-disciplinary and application issues of digital transition! ERC grants, exchange programmes, prestigious partnerships, shared laboratories… Inria offers its researchers several transition programmes giving them the possibility of an international shift to their career, and international visibility to their work… Inria also gathers together researchers of 102 nationalities and offers several pathways to international careers. What if joining us was already a step towards tomorrow?

Thanks to her supports, each project team can bring collective projects to fruition while promoting individual progression. Autonomous in its scientific organization and its financial management, the project team can also rely on the resources granted by the research support services.

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