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In 183 research teams split across eight Inria centres, more than 3,400 scientists are working every day on meeting the challenges posed by information and communication science and technology.

Since 2008, the Institute set up a new classification for its research topics based on five broad fields. The aim is to best describe its constantly changing scientific activities.

Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation

Numerical schemes and simulations

Stochastic approaches

Optimization, machine learning and statistical methods

Optimization and control of dynamic systems

Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture

Proofs and Verification

Security and Confidentiality

Algorithmics, Computer Algebra and Cryptology

Embedded and Real-time Systems

Architecture, Languages and Compilation

Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing

Networks and Telecommunications

Distributed Systems and middleware

Distributed and High Performance Computing

Distributed programming and Software engineering

Perception, Cognition and Interaction

Vision, perception and multimedia interpretation

Interaction and visualization

Data and Knowledge Representation and Processing

Robotics and Smart environments

Language, Speech and Audio

Digital Health, Biology and Earth

Earth, Environmental and Energy Sciences

Modeling and Control for Life Sciences

Computational Biology

Computational Neuroscience and Medicine