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Networks, systems and services, distributed computing

Frédéric Desprez Frédéric Desprez - Photo G. Maisonneuve

Frédéric Desprez is the Deputy Scientific Director in charge of  the field "Networks, Systems, Services and Distributed Computing".

The research teams in this field help to define what will be the future of the Internet as a communication infrastructure, as well as a computing infrastructure in the broad sense. The researchers are interested in the development of innovative communication protocols as much as in the modelling of existing networks, in order to better evaluate their performance and size them to meet needs. They are devising effective algorithms adapted to the variable characteristics of the network.
Their new challenges include "the Internet of Things" (the integration into the Internet of miniature devices such as RFID chips) and "the Internet of Services" (the integration of the Internet's characteristics into the building of software intended for the deployment of future online services and new distributed applications). With the Internet becoming a computer in and of itself, many research efforts are currently looking at operating systems and middleware digital hubs (clouds). Lastly, parallel architecture computing (heterogeneous, multicore, GPUs, etc.), which has become a key element, is the focus of many teams.

Keywords: Systems and Services Distributed Computing Networks