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Digital Health, Biology and Earth

Hugues Berry © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Hugues Berry is the Deputy Scientific Director in charge of the field of "Digital Health, Biology and Earth ".

This field comprises nearly 50 project-teams that use applied mathematics or ICT to produce new advances in biology, medical, health or environmental sciences. Part of the project-teams focus on a range of biologically relevant issues from molecular and cell biology to evolution / ecosystems and neuroscience. Their research calls upon bioinformatics (biomolecule sequences, 3D structure), systems biology (regulatory or metabolic networks), computational neuroscience (neurons and networks) or bio-image analysis.

The field also tackles biomedical applications including biomedical imaging, patient-specific physiological models, computational anatomy and assisted surgery. Examples of targeted domains are clinical neuroscience, brain-computer interfaces, cardiovascular research or immunology, with e.g., focus on cancer and heart or neurological pathologies. Another focal point is on geophysical and environmental flows (meteorology, hydrogeology, seismic waves) with applications on disaster forecasting (flooding, pollution, subsurface contamination) and sustainable (hydro, wind or bio-energy) and alternative energies (incl. controlled fusion). The main methodologies developed for the modeling, control and analysis of these systems encompass discrete mathematics, constraint or logic programming, differential equations (ordinary, partial or stochastic), multiscale modeling, data assimilation, control theory, statistical modeling and machine learning. 

Keywords: Life and environmental sciences Digital Health Earth Biology Alain Viari