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Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation

Jean Roman Jean Roman - Photo M. Sgandura

Jean Roman is Deputy Scientific Director in charge of the field "Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation"

Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation are not only key to understanding the complexity of the world, but also provide us with incredibly effective tools for control, prediction and decision making that are a decisive complement to experimentation when it is possible. In this way, full-scale numerical simulations make it possible to provide a priori information on the dynamics and evolution of complex multiphysical and multi-scale phenomena that cannot simply be reproduced by experiments in laboratories. The fine-tuned exploitation of information and the taking into account of uncertainties from the modelling stage, but also in the mass of data manipulated by more statistical and/or data analytic approaches further reinforces the impact of numerical simulation. All these problems are studied in detail in the 4 themes of the "Applied Mathematics, Calculation and Simulation » research field at Inria.
The impact of numerical simulation has been growing as high-performance computing (HPC) has become more democratic and has made it possible to compute efficiently on a very large scale by manipulating very large masses of data. The use of very large computers and the portability of the performances of all the stoftware stacks necessary for full-scale numerical simulation are also challenges to which the computer scientists of Inria research fiels "Networks, systems and services, distributed computing" contribute.

Keywords: Calcul & simulation Applied Mathematics