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Fields of research

Inria is organised around five fields of research. Each field of research is headed up by a Deputy Scientific Director, who coordinates research and forward planning in his/her field.... Meet our five chief scientists.

Jean Roman Jean Roman - Photo M. Sgandura

Fields of research

Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation

Jean Roman is Deputy Scientific Director of the Research Department with responsibility for Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation. In a 2010 interview (in french), Bernard Espiau, the previous Deputy Scientific Director for this field, ...
Didier Rémy © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli Didier Rémy - © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Fields of research

Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture

This field is at the core of programming and computer systems. Technology developments,such as the development of multicore processors and pervasive computing, raise new scientific challenges for experts in algorithms, languages and software ...
Frédéric Desprez Frédéric Desprez - Photo G. Maisonneuve

Fields of research

Networks, systems and services, distributed computing

"The research teams in this field help to define what will be the future of the Internet as a communication infrastructure, as well as a computing infrastructure in the broad sense. The researchers are interested in the development of innovative ...
Peter Sturm © Inria / Vanessa Peregrin

Fields of research

Perception, Cognition & Interaction

"The 700 people in this research field, divided into 43 research teams, are studying communication with the physical world in all its forms: textual, visual and auditory. These researchers are looking at perception through the medium of sensors, ...
Alain Viari Alain Viari - photo I. Qinzburg

Fields of research

Digital Health, Biology and Earth

Alain Viari is the Deputy Scientific Director responsible for the field of "Digital Health, Biology and Earth". In a 2010 interview (in french), the previous Deputy Scientific Director for this field, explained the implications of research ...

Research actions

Our research actions

Inria has developed research action programmes in order to support and promote specific research subjects.

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