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A threat to website electronic signatures

Stéphanie Dupont - 12/10/2015

An international team of cryptanalysts - Pierre Karpman, from Inria Saclay - Ile-de-France Grace project-team, Marc Stevens from CWI, Netherlands, and Thomas Peyrin from NTU, Singapore – are today urging the industry to deprecate the SHA-1 Internet security standard earlier than planned. Research carried out by the team has revealed a freestart collision in the SHA-1 hash function.




Wilder: A video wall that offers a new perspective for research

Stéphanie Dupont - 29/06/2015

The Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre presents Wilder, a video wall composed of 75 screens. The Wilder video wall is part of the Digiscope Equipement d’Excellence programme and is the successor to the Wild project. As well as being bigger than its predecessor, Wilder incorporates screens with virtually invisible edges. The array is designed to allow scientists to view very large images and explore complex data with astonishing comfort.



Photo Serge Abiteboul Serge Abiteboul at Inriality launch - © Inria

Scientific award

Serge Abiteboul awarded by the Royal Society


Serge Abiteboul was awarded the 2013 Milner Award in recognition of his database research. Research Director at Inria Saclay, he is also member of the French Academy of Sciences and the Conseil national du numérique (France).



Nikos Paragios

European Research Council 2010

Nikos Paragios: a life devoted to artificial vision and its applications in medicine

Françoise Monfort - Technoscope - 16/11/2010

This year,  eight ERC grant winners are leaders or members of Inria project-teams. Nikos Paragios, a teacher at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, was awarded a starting grant. Worth approximately 1,500,000 euros, this grant will allow the researcher to reinforce the GALEN team and conduct an ambitious five-year research project on artificial vision and its applications in the medical field. Here, we get to know the grant-winning scientist.