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Benjamin Danglot


Spoon wins an award at the OW2con'17 conference


Spoon, a product that the Spirals project team has been developing for more than ten years, has won an award at the OW2con'17 conference.



Machine learning

With GuessWhat?!, when humans play, the computer learns the language


Locating an element in an image by asking a series of questions. That is the purpose of GuessWhat?!, an interactive game created by researchers in the Sequel project team, in collaboration with a Canadian team. More than just a simple game, it is a real technical challenge: teaching a computer to dialogue naturally starting from an image. The first - promising - results have earned the team a publication at the very prestigious CVPR, the biggest international conference in the field of computer vision.



© Inria / Photo H. Raguet


Fifty shades of soft robots!

Christian Duriez - 10/11/2015

On the 28th of May, the French blog "Binaire - l'informatique - la science au cœur du numérique" published an article by Christian Duriez, manager of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Defrost research team. The article focused on the main research interest of this team : deformable robotics. Citing parallels with the newly-released Disney film, Big Hero 6 , Christian Duriez helps us to understand whether the soft robot Baymax is solely a work of fiction, or whether it is based on real soft robot research. The article has been published jointly with )i(nterstices, an online scientific journal, created by researchers with the aim of bringing computer science to a wider public.



(CC BY-NC 2.0) Twistiti


Smile, you’re being watched!


Fingerprinting makes it possible to secretly collect data from net surfers that makes it possible to identify them. This is known as “fingerprinting”. The process is as effective as it is hard to detect. Two Inria teams, based inRennes and Lille,are seeking to exposethis potential menace to privacy.



Vidjil - © Bonsai - Inria


Bioinformatics, a Weapon to Fight Leukemia


The Inria Lille - Nord Europe project-team Bonsai (run jointly with the CNRS and Université Lille1*) has created Vidjil, software for high-throughput analysis of white blood cells. Objective: provide physicians with a tool for treating leukemia. As March 28 and 29 are national leukemia days in France, the creators of Vidjil took this opportunity to explain how it works.



Luce Brotcorne Luce Brotcorne - © Inria

Financial mathematics

Mathematical models to sell the right product at the right price at the right time… and to the right customer

Laurent Rabier - Technoscope - 28/09/2010

Luce Brotcorne, a junior research scientist at Inria since 2009, is a member of the DOLPHIN project-team. Her field is revenue management, in particular price setting, a discipline in which she proposes an innovative approach which explicitly takes into account the behaviour of consumers.