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"Associate teams" programme

Make the most of international collaborations

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Since 2002, Inria supports "Associate Teams" to strengthen scientific collaboration between Inria project teams and top-level research teams worldwide.

The Associate Teams are an important tool for the international impact of Inria's scientific policy. The programme aims at boosting the Institute's scientific potential by fostering collaborations between Inria project teams and top-level research teams across the world.

The programme has expanded since its launching. In addition to scientific excellence, the programme’s selection criteria take into account the added value of Associate Teams for initiatives launched by Inria to confort its activities alongside key partners, such as International Research Units from CNRS in India, Japan, Taïwan and Inria International Laboratories in North/South America and China (LIAMA in China, Inria@SiliconValley initiative and JLPC in North America, or Inria Chile).

This programme aims at fostering fruitful collaborations between researchers on the global stage.

An Associate Team has a lifespan of three to six years, with a maximum contribution of 20.000 euros per year, to finance exchanges of researchers and students between the partners. The research work plan and the scientific achievements of each Associate Team are regularly reviewed by the International Relations Department.