Project-teams of Inria Lille - Nord Europe

Changed on 07/09/2020

Here is the list of project-teams of the center

The centre has 14 research teams, pursuing 5 major scientific challenges:

  • Eternal software
  • Data Science for Everyone
  • Adaptive interactions with humans throughout life
  • Connecting time scales and space
  • Towards a safe and reliable Internet of Things

These research teams are part of a European context, thanks to the strategic geographical location of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre. Several schemes have been set up to encourage collaboration between researchers and scientific talent from neighbouring countries. Two research teams have thus been created in bi-location with the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Nine of the centre's project-teams have benefited from the "North European Associated Teams" programme for scientific collaborations with major universities or research institutions, such as University College of London, University College of Dublin, Delft University of Technology, University of Namur, Université Libre de Bruxelles and CWI in Amsterdam. The aim of the centre is to boost its European collaborations in order to assert its position in the Euroregion.


  • Bonus - Optimisation de grande taille et calcul large échelle
  • Defrost - Logiciels pour robots déformables
  • Fun - self-organizing Future Ubiquitous Network
  • Inocs - Optimisation intégrée pour problèmes à structure complexe
  • Links - Requêtes pour données dynamiques liées
  • Loki - Technologie et connaissance pour l'Interaction
  • Magnet - Machine Learning in Information Networks
  • Modal - MOdel for Data Analysis and Learning
  • Paradyse - A better understanding of dynamical phenomena involving particles
  • Rapsodi - Approximations numériques fiables pour les systèmes dissipatifs
  • Rmod - Analyses et construction de langage pour l'évolution d'applications orientées Objet
  • Sequel - Sequentiel Learning
  • Spirals - Self-adaptation for distributed services and large software systems
  • Valse - Finite-time control and estimation for distributed systems