PreciDIAB: paving the way to precision medicine for diabetics

Publish on 22/01/2020
In June, the university hospital and research complex (IHU) projectPreciDIABwas selected for interview by the international jury, following the Investments for the Future programme's IHU call for projects. Based on a holistic approach to diabetics, PreciDIAB is radically rethinking the diabetic patient's healthcare and treatment pathway thanks to precision medicine. Inria is a founder member of this project.

The mission of IHUs is to further develop the links between fundamental research and its clinical and industrial applications. In partnership with universities, university hospitals as well as public and private laboratories, their objective is to be one of the poles of excellence of French biomedical research.

The PreciDIAB project, led by Philippe Froguel, brings together researchers, clinicians, teachers and members of industry. It aims to rethink the diabetic patient's healthcare and treatment pathway using the tools of precision medicine.