Digital, what balance between major advances and environmental impact?

Changed on 31/05/2022
On the occasion of the launch of a new MOOC dedicated to the environmental impact of digital technology, discover the interview of Benjamin Ninassi, project manager at Inria's science department, in a podcast entirely dedicated to the subject.
Impact du numérique sur l'environnement

A podcast to start thinking about the environmental impact of digital technology

Optimisation of consumption, efficiency and effectiveness are all adjectives associated with a virtuous digital world, presented as one of the keys to the sustainability of our lifestyles. But is digital really the solution? What about its real environmental impact

To answer these questions, and on the occasion of the opening of registrations for the MOOC "Environmental Impacts of Digital Technology", Inria interviewed Benjamin Ninassi, IT project manager for scientific mediation and educational innovation at Inria's Science Department. In an audio interview, he gives us the keys to enlightened digital consumption.

Environnement et numérique
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Digital: what environmental impact?

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A MOOC to consolidate knowledge

On 22 November 2021, a new online course made by Inria Learning Lab and dedicated to the ecological footprint of digital technology will open on the Fun MOOC platform.

Class'Codeand Inria have been working together for several years now, co-creating free and open educational resources dedicated to promoting learning about code and computer science. More than 80,000 educators (teachers, facilitators and even parents!) have already benefited from the fruits of this collaboration.

Offered by Inria and Class'Code, under the impetus and with co-financing from the Direction du numérique pour l'éducation (DNE), this MOOC, for which registrations are already open, is aimed at all those who wonder about the environmental impacts of digital technology and who wish to understand the issues and learn to measure, decipher and act, in order to find their place as citizens in a digital world.

Divided into four parts, it will include activities, videos and additional resources designed to make everyone aware of the materiality of virtual worlds and the challenges associated with the rapid development of digital technology.

Environmental impacts of digital technology, the MOOC