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Virtual-reality 3D

Nathalie Lémy - 21/10/2009

Vgate: experience full-body immersion and interaction

Full-body real time immersion in a virtual world is now a reality, thanks to the Virtualization Gate platform (also known as VGate). Three different project-teams from Inria (EVASION, MOAIS and PERCEPTION) were involved in the development of this experimental platform.

VGate uses multiple video cameras and 3D modelling tools to create a complete, real time environment. Users wear a head-mounted display allowing them to enter this virtual world, and even to engage with it. The user is fully immersed in the environment, into which an image of themselves is projected, and can interact with the objects, the decor and even their own 3D image. Watch the video and the demonstration that was presented last summer at the Siggraph 2009 international conference.

Keywords: Team PERCEPTION Team MOAIS Virtual-reality 3D Vgate Plateform Team EVASION Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes