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United again hate

Our thoughts are with the victims, as well as all their families and friends, as this horrendous situation continues to unfold.

Inria, multicultural and staunchly open to the world institute, spare a thought for the victims of these repeated barbarous acts, from Nice to Istambul, through Paris, Berlin, Bagdad, Alep, Mossoul, Manchester and at the beginning of June London... These horrors must remind us our collective reponsability. We won't get used to this !

This solidarity comes naturally to Inria, which is an organisation built on open-mindedness, knowledge sharing, fruitful cooperation between cultures and a collective ambition to drive knowledge forward and force back the boundaries of ignorance. For it is a collective spirit that nurtures this project and enables us to take on the toughest scientific and technological challenges.

It is all together, close and united, that we shall win the battle against the rejection of others, intolerance, and obscurantism.