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Call for applications

Annick Theis-Viemont - 13/10/2010

The Inria is recruiting a new Director for its Lille – Nord Europe research centre

 Centre INRIA-Lile -Nord europe

The Inria is launching a call for applications for the position of Director at its Lille - Nord Europe research centre. The deadline for submitting applications is November 30th 2010.

Inria, the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control,  is a public scientific and technological institution devoted to digital sciences and technologies. The institute plays a vital role in the international scientific community in its field. In partnership with universities and research organisations, Inria has around 170 project teams working for 8 research centres and is a host organisation for nearly 3,800 researchers, research professors and doctoral or post-doctoral students.

The Director of an Inria research centre is also a prominent scientific figure. He/she is a member of the Institute's Executive Committee and takes part in management on a national level. He/she is appointed for a four-year period, which can be renewed only twice. He/she is in charge of a centre where several hundred people work within project teams and research support departments. The centre includes Inria staff and employees from partner organisations associated with Inria projects within the framework of specific agreements, notably in joint project teams set up with other institutions. The Director is responsible for implementing the Inria's scientific policies and strategic orientations in his centre, notably in terms of research, technological development, transfer of innovations, European partnerships, international relations and attractivity. He/she develops this policy within the regional environment of his centre, working with a wide range of players, including universities, French grandes écoles and research bodies, firms, local governments and administrations.

His duties include, in particular, the following dimensions:

  •  The Director monitors the creation and progress of the centre's research project teams.
  • He organises, administers and equips the centre; he ensures coherency of all Inria initiatives, ensures compliance with management rules defined by the institute and optimises the means at his disposal, which he is responsible for allocating.
  • He organises the recruitment of non-permanent staff, as well as certain competitions for recruitment of permanent staff
  • He proposes and implements the annual staffing and training plan for his centre, defines how work is organised, sets goals, implements the training programme and proposes career opportunities and pay raises for personnel under his responsibility.
  • He is responsible for allocating resources, in particular budgets, to project teams and departments and monitors their use.
  • He has the power of decision (purchase of supplies, services and work) within a limit of €1 million and supervises calls for tenders.
  • He signs transfer contracts with institute partners.
  • He is in charge of the safety and protection of agents under his responsibility; he ensures compliance with institute rules and regulations, promotes good labour relations and local consultations; he presides bodies set up for this purpose.
  • He has the power to engage the Inria and develops local, regional, national and international partnerships and exchanges in order to promote the institute's scientific activities.

This call for applications is open to any candidates with the skills and experience required to accomplish the missions outlined above and, in particular, candidates with:

  •  excellent experience in research in mathematics or IT (research director or University professor) and mastery of scientific and technological issues in Inria's fields of expertise
  • management and leadership skills for research and research support teams, ability to interact with all Inria researchers
  • confirmed interpersonal and communication skills.

Specific conditions linked to a temporary assignment from a government position or leave of absence from a permanent position in another institute will be studied on request.

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