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Signature of a framework agreement between Inria and ONERA

Inria has just signed a partnership agreement with the French Aerospace Lab. The Institute, conducting basic and applied research for the aeronautics and space sectors, is interested in establishing synergies with other research institutions. In the field of information processing and systems, Inria is a perfect match.

On Wednesday, January 14, the two institutes made a commitment to jointly develop cooperative activities in terms of research, the promotion and training of researchers. These collaborative efforts will be in the form of “common projects”, with participation of researchers belonging to both establishments and in which each institute will contribute to the required material resources on an equal basis.

At Inria, thirteen research project teams are already committed to, or interested in, partnerships with ONERA involving the following topics in particular:

  • fluid mechanics,
  • digital methods
  • mathematical modeling of electro-acoustics
  • digital simulation of plasmas,
  • meshings
  • optimization of aerodynamic shapes,
  • stochastic modeling (calculations involving the laws of probability or special statistics),
  •  robotics (parallel cable robots, autonomous robots such as airborne drones, etc.).
  •  parallel computation,
  •  surveillance (video detectors).

This agreement strongly expresses the interdisciplinary nature of computer science research with other fields of research. It is fully in line with Inria’s partnership strategy as documented in framework agreements with its academic partners and other institutions, universities or national technical institutes.

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