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Inria co-sponsors the "Numériquement vôtre" exhibition

The Champs Libres multidiscipline cultural centre in Rennes will welcome the Numériquement vôtre exhibition, organised by the Science Centre, from 30 March to 30 August 2009. The event, with 50,000 visitors expected, is co-sponsored by Inria and the Media and Networks cluster.

in a world where reality meets the imagination… It's possible in Numériquement vôtre (“Digitally Yours”). For six months, the Science Centre in Rennes is inviting visitors to discover the latest in digital technologies and their impact on society. Lena, a virtual journalist, pleasantly guides visitors through the four parts of the exhibition: "Communication Through the Ages", "My Very Own Digital Technology", "At the Heart of IT" and "Tomorrow is Already Here". Four themes that explain to both young and old how digital technology is already a part of our daily lives. Numériquement vôtre offers several fun hands-on activities for both technology fans and technology sceptics, featuring Nabaztag, a rabbit that gives the weather and reads stories, as well as the conversion of sound and images into computer language, and the digital transformation of your face and voice.

Every Tuesday in April, May and June at 18.30, researchers will give conferences and lead debates on themes related to digital technology. This area of computer science is one of the core research activities at Inria. The institute is also present in the Tuesday debates through the participation of two researchers from the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique research centre, Stéphane Donikian and Anatole Lécuyer, and one of its “ambassadors”, Gérard Berry.

On April 7, Stéphane Donikian introduced the work of the Bunraku Project Team on modelling human behaviour. This ambitious and fascinating project sets out to reproduce human activity as closely as possible. In parallel, Gérard Berry, member of the French Academy of Science and former director of the Indies Project Team at the Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée research centre, held a conference on the sweeping changes caused by digital technology in other scientific disciplines such as medicine, astronomy and physics.

The last Inria participant will be Anatole Lécuyer from the Bunraku team, who will give a conference on May 12 on the subject of brain-computer interfaces used achieve remote control directly from the human brain. These technologies will serve as the brain’s relay to allow humans to control objects directly without having to make any movements at all.

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