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Available soon on FUN: a MOOC on « Binaural Hearing for Robots », by Inria-uTOP

Radu-Horaud Radu Horaud

The MOOC “« Binaural Hearing for Robots » will be available soon on the platform France Université Numérique. It will be taught by Radu Horaud, from the Perception team (Inria, Université Joseph Fourier, Institut polytechnique de Grenoble, CNRS, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK)).

This course addresses fundamental issues in robot hearing and describes methodologies requiring two or more microphones embedded into a robot head thus enabling sound-source localization, sound-source separation, and fusion of auditory and visual information.This course is intended to students with good background in signal processing and machine learning. It is also valuable to PhD students, researchers and practitioners who work in signal and image processing, machine learning, robotics, or human-machine interaction and who wish to acquire novel competence in binaural hearing methodologies. The course material will allow the attendants to design and develop robot and machine hearing algorithms.

It will be available from May, 11, 2015 to June, 12 2015.

Registrations are already open: Registrer for this Mooc

Find more information on: uTOP

Keywords: Robot and Machine Hearing MoocLab Mooc France Université Numérique Radu Horaud ALGORITHMS Digital Signal Processing