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Canceled Conference


Eric Horvitz canceled his conference

The conference by Eric Horvitz on February 8th has been canceled due to a change of schedule. We apologize for this unfortunate change.

The Microsoft Research - Inria Joint Centre shared research laboratory was established on the 11th January 2007 following a period of collaboration dating back over several years. The aim of the shared laboratory is to undertake long-term research into formal methods for software security, and data processing methods and tools applied to scientific research. This partnership began in 2005 and was renewed in 2009 and 2013. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Joint Centre, Inria and Microsoft Research will meet for a conference at the Collège de France led by Eric Horvitz, Director of Microsoft Research on artificial intelligence (IA) and followed by an exchange with Professor Gérard Berry, holder of the Algorithms, Machines and Languages Chair of the Collège de France, and François Sillion, Deputy CEO for Science at Inria.

Advances in artificial intelligence bring considerable benefits to individuals and organizations. The implementation of AI applications in an open environment, however, requires the ability to manage incompleteness and uncertainty, to enable transfer learning, learning from rich simulation environments, or personalization from a small number of examples. However, as scientific knowledge of AI advances, it is also necessary to consider its potential drawbacks, unintended consequences and possible harms. Challenges include both legal and ethical issues associated with the use of stand-alone systems, user mistrust of automated reasoning, errors and bias in the same reasoning, unintended effects, or malicious use. This conference will address the growing concerns about the influence of artificial intelligence on individuals and society, and will present some promising ways to address them.

Eric HORVITZ is a doctor from Stanford University. He is a Technical Fellow and Director of Microsoft Research, Microsoft's R&D division. His contributions in the field of artificial intelligence include statistical learning, artificial perception, natural language comprehension, automated decision making and human-machine collaboration. Its work has led to the deployment of systems applied to health, transport, aeronautics, e-commerce and operating systems. It makes an important contribution to the reflection on the influence of artificial intelligence on societies, particularly with regard to its consequences on ethics, law and security. Eric Horvitz is a member of many scholarly societies, past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and co-founder of the One Hundred Year Study on AI project led by Stanford University.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence Inria - Microsoft Research Machine learning Collège de France