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AB - 16/11/2017

Providing startups with a complete range of assistance and funding

IT-Translation was created by Inria and Bpifrance six years ago and later joined by EIF. It built and developed a unique model, which is now a standard for pre-seed, digital, deep technology start-ups coming from both public and private research. Elaia Partners is an independent venture capital firm focused on the digital economy and deep technology for the past fifteen years. The two organisations announced the signing of a strategic partnership in November 2017.

This partnership between Elaia Partners and IT-Translation is a natural evolution from previous collaborations between the teams. 
The process will be twofold: first, the constitution of the successor fund for IT-Translation Investissement, followed by the integration of IT-Translation within Elaia Partners. The aim of the partnership is to create the French leader in developing deep-tech start-ups spun off from research in the digital field. It will offer researchers, investors and start-ups a vast and complete human and financing support solution, from pre-seed (idea inception) and technological transfer stages to their emergence as international leaders.

This new unit will be a team of specialists known for their close ties with digital researchers, their operational experience of an innovative ultra-early stage model and their expertise in both tech-transfer investment and early stage venture capital, up through development via several investment funds.

Getting closer to a renowned management team, highly skilled for supporting businesses through growth stages, is a major advantage for the launch of a new fund dedicated to digital deep-tech pre-seed start-ups.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Laurent Kott, CEO of IT-Translation

On top of the existing partnership between IT-Translation and Inria, Elaia Partners signed a cooperation agreement with Inria. The new partners will therefore benefit from a reinforced position deep into the French digital research ecosystem and from extended business and industrial networks.

In this context, Elaia Partners gains access to start-ups spun off from the very best of French digital deep-tech research and to expertise in this type of investment in order to support even earlier very high-tech projects. As for IT-Translation, the company increases its capabilities both to raise new funds and to support deep-tech start-ups.

About Elaia Partners

Formed in 2002, Elaia Partners is an independent VC fund that focuses on the digital economy and deep tech. It now manages over €250 million and invests in high-growth startups offering ground-breaking technologies from the initial financing rounds to their emergence as global leaders. The investment team brings together 60+ years of experience in both VC and digital technologies and actively accompanies its entrepreneurs. In September 2017, Elaia Partners launched a new line of investment activity focusing on seeding and technology transfer, with the initial project the structuring of PSL Innovation Fund, which supports startups associated with PSL Research University. The diversified portfolio of Elaia Partners includes companies such as Sigfox, Mirakl, Criteo, Teads, Adomik,, Agriconomie, EasyRECrue, Shift Technology, Tinyclues, Orchestra Networks, Agnitio, etc.

About IT-Translation

IT-Translation invests in and forms deep tech digital startups spun off from public and private research in France. What is innovative about this unique model? A first-stage seed fund, IT-Translation provides very early financial (through the IT-Translation Investment Fund) and human resources to convert technologies into products and services and support researcher-entrepreneurs in the business world.  

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