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Software Technologies: the Missing Key Enabling Technology

Michel Cosnard, chairman of the ISTAG (Information Society Technologies Advisory Group) Working Group on Software Technologies is proud to announce the publication of the ISTAG Report on 2020 Key Software Technologies.

The ISTAG has been set up to advise the Commission on the overall strategy to be followed in carrying out the IST thematic priority under the European framework programme for research.

Executive Summary

The objective of this report is to create sense of urgency in the European software industry and awareness about software as the prime industrial differentiator and basis for innovation. It also aims to raise awareness that missing the strategic importance of software technology as a key enabling technology will lead to a significant drawback for global competitiveness. This is particularly true for embedded system software, telecommunication software and enterprise software among others where Europe has built up four decades of worldwide leadership which is now endangered given that other regions have understood the relevance of this technology and started to catch up. The old approaches to software development are simply not sufficient for maintaining global leadership. To remain a strong competitor, the European software intensive industry must increase its efficiency and productivity, enhance software quality and reduce lead times...

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