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Inria to fill 700 positions in 2015

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This year, come join us at Inria! Hiring campaigns and the competitive selection process are getting under way at Inria. Researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff... more than 700 positions will be filled all over France. Consult the schedule and take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the only public research organisation entirely dedicated to the computer sciences.

Hiring campaigns:

  • Short-term post-doctoral research: begins in mid-Januaryr.
  • Transfers between public agencies: begins in mid-January
  • PhD students: begins in early February
  • Research secondments: begins early February
  • Starting and advanced research positions: begins early February
  • R&D engineers: begins mid-April

Competitive selection process:

  • Researchers: begins mid-January.
  • External competitions for research engineers and technicians: begin mid-April
  • Internal competitions for engineers and technicians: begin the first week in October.

Other positions:

Throughout the year, Inria hires staff for fixed-term contracts. Inria also has opportunities for international chairs and short-term post-doctoral research stays. In addition, each Inria research team hosts 2 or 3 interns (engineering and Master 2 students) each year at all of its sites in France (Doing a research internship).

Follow hiring at Inria on, Inria's LinkedIn page and with Twitter @Joininria.

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