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The French & the digital world


Welcome to the age of homo digitalis!

The second Inria TNS-Sofres survey on the French and the digital world shows confirmation of their power and willingness to act, as well as increasing awareness of their new responsibilities.

Inria publishes the second Inria TNS-Sofres survey on the French and the digital world. The survey involved 1,145 people aged 14 years and over from across France, interviewed in person between 28 November and 2 December 2013.

The results show not just accelerating acceptance of computerised usage, but also increasing awareness of related responsibilities.

The French have matured, they realise that the opportunities offered by the digital world could give them some power, and be drivers for action and value creation. They have more appetite for computer-based training, support and education.

However, in response to these permanent changes, although increasing numbers feel at ease with computer technology, 80% of them remain… cautious.

Inria’s role

It is because these new opportunities are also accompanied by new risks, new digital stumbling blocks, and an acute awareness on the part of citizens of the impact of their actions that Inria has role to play. Its 4,300 staff members and host partners cooperate to remove doubts, limit constraints, open the field of possibilities, create economic value and contribute to inventing the digital world.


In 2011, the first such survey addressed French people’s understanding of the digital world in which they live, sometimes unknowingly.

The survey’s methodology remained unchanged this year, to enable comparison between the two. Nonetheless, certain out-of-date questions were updated or supplemented, a third of the questions were replaced to include two special focuses on “education in digital technology & digital technology in education” and on “the digital economy and the industry’s appeal”.

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